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It’s natural to desire safety and intimacy within our marriage and intimate relationships. Yet, oftentimes we deny who we are in order to be accepted, betraying ourselves. And at other times, we hide behind masks and barriers cutting off our ability to engage in deep connection and closeness.


  • Stress Management
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  • Divorce Care and Coaching
  • Recovering From Narcissistic Abuse
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From Love Trauma To Fearless Love

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Jianny Adamo, LMHC, LLPC

From Love Trauma To Fearless Love:

7 Tango Steps For Breaking Free
From Narcissists and Predators


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Dario | Boca Raton, FL

I’m a family man, married for over 26 years. I came to Jianny in an emotionally broken down state. I had trouble with myself and in my marriage. In my first session, Jianny identified some things and in all honesty, turned my life around.

Jesse | Jersey City, NJ

Working with Jianny has been refreshing and helps me see things more clearly. Also, I am making many improvements working and learning through my hardships in resolving conflicts and core issues. I am very encouraged with the tools and the direction this counseling has helped me reach my heart’s desire. I cannot get that out of my head.