10 Insights For An Irresistible Relationship In 2015

10 Insights For An Irresistible Relationship In 2015

Relationship advice I wish I knew years ago:
1. The grass isn’t greener.

It’s all illusion. Marriage to a person who lacks the openness for personal growth is a prison sentence. So is being single and having to keep busy every minute of the day, in order not to feel the loneliness that comes from not having a spouse. It’s hard work on both ends!

2. It’s all about you.

You want a happy marriage or relationship but haven’t got the foggiest idea on how to maintain or attract one. Becoming a safe person or a safe harbor for your partner is the perfect beginning. Dare to be the best version of you in 2015!

3. Proceed with caution.

There are individuals playing the field. They don’t want a committed relationship … just the benefits! These individual aren’t surrendering their hearts to anyone and live isolated from true intimacy. The problem:  you can’t tell the difference between those who want a healthy relationship and are willing to work at it and those who are working you to take you to the cleaners!

4. Don’t take it personal.

It’s simply a matter of a mismatch. 

What they want (sex, financial gains, shelter, stability and security, a parent to take care of them, or simply, just to own you) and what you want, don’t match. It’s not personal! They simply have not evolved beyond selfishness. Real love is set apart by its desire and commitment to devote itself to another and undergirded by peace, respect, compassion, honesty and understanding.

5. Learn to let go

Leave the people, places and things in 2014 that do not bless your life or challenge you to be a better human being. Release them without letting go of your hopes and dreams. Your hopes and dreams go with you. They don’t die with a loss of a relationship but continue to shine bright guiding you in the New Year and beyond.

6. Slow and steady wins the race.

Learn to not attach yourself to anyone or any notion that doesn’t line up to your values and standards. Only then will you hold on tight!

7. This world kidnaps us with an illusion of love.

While the love we give as human beings is imperfect, only God’s love is perfect. His unconditional love is transformational when we willingly receive it. Only then are we in a position to experience the greatest gift you will ever have—to love and be loved in return without any barriers or conditions. Make 2015 the year you fully embrace God’s unconditional love for you!

8. Know who you are and on what rock you stand.

Your values, dreams and what you stand for will guide you to what you accept and don’t accept in your life’s journey.

9. Treat others as you want to be treated.

Make love, respect, and honesty a cornerstone of your life. Always speaking your truth and honoring your word.

10. Love only exists in relationships 

To self, God and others. Our interconnectedness hinges on trust or faith. The best gift you can give yourself is to be a man or a woman that is worthy to be entrusted with someone else’s heart because then, and only then, will you be and your relationships be—simply irresistible.

Wishing you and your family love, health and success in 2015!