Jianny’s Inspirational Interview With VoyageMIA 

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VoyageMIA would like to introduce you to Jianny Adamo. As an Author, Psychotherapist, Speaker, and Founder of Fearless Love, I specialize in intimacy and relationships, working with clients on a variety of modern love challenges including courtship, sexual compatibility, communication tools, divorce, betrayal, and recovery. My work on relationships and on heartbreak appear in YourTango.com, Bride, MSN, Glamour, PsychCentral, Bustle, OnMogul, and eHarmony.

From Love Trauma To Fearless Love Becomes #1 Release On Amazon

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From LOVE TRAUMA To FEARLESS LOVE Becomes #1 New Release on Amazon Just in time for Halloween comes a book [...]

7 Steps To Stay Passionately Connected

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In the tango, a couple comes together to share authentically, and stay passionately connected as the pair glides around the dance floor, reenacting a struggle, entanglement, or a fantasy. The tango requires us – the dancers – to experience and deal with fundamental issues of trust, power, boundaries, leading and following, and merging and separating.

Advice For Women Dating In The MeToo Era

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The nationally syndicated Ask Robert Show provides its professional-minded audience with timely and current interviews with professionals in a diverse range of fields. This is a recent webcast interview with Jianny Adamo of Fearless Love discussing and giving advice for women whom are dating in this current #metoo era.

Is It Fake Or Fearless Love? A Check List To Spot The Signs

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You have been dating for a while and feelings are budding for each other. Now, you wonder if this could be for real. Believe it or not, the best way to determine if you are on the path of fake or fearless love is to get clear about how the person you’re involved with makes you feel. Someone who cares about you will place you at the same level or higher than themselves. Their behavior will line up with making sure you accept them and return their affection. The following are FIVE areas to consider as your love blossoms into a deep and passionate fearless love: