What’s Your Love Language?

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Better yet, score big by speaking your spouse’s love language. If you are looking for ways to stop the complaints, create more harmony and to connect more deeply, Dr. Gary Chapman suggests that as human beings we give and receive love through five basic love languages. Each of us gravitates to a particular language or grouping of these languages. By giving the love language your spouse speaks, you can hit the mark. If you really want to score big, flow in each of these love languages daily and see your love grow into a blazing fire.

What is Love?

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Everyone wants love but not everyone finds it. Interestingly enough, when you love or are in love, you know exactly what it is. Love paints our view of the world and bestows purpose and meaning to life. Somehow, when love is absent or lost, amnesia sets in. It’s hard to define love; you ask if it’s even real. You are either on a journey toward love or on a journey to defy it.