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Surviving and Thriving in Love, Life, and Relationships

By Michaela Logue and Jianny Adamo


Expert tips and strategies for a thriving purpose filled life of love, intimacy and amazing relationships. Create a healthy balanced life while pursuing your dreams with real raw advice from cohosts certified life coach Michaela Logue and psychotherapist and author Jianny Adamo. Michaela and Jianny deliver a down to earth authentic approach to ignite the fire within you. Passion Unlimited Podcast is personal development healthy living family faith and confidence coaching for both men and women. Ready to thrive and ignite the light you deserve? This podcast is for you.

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  • EP4 - Wired to Love and Be Loved Part 2: "Are you and your partner BFF's?" February 12, 2020
    Wired to Love and Be Loved Pt. 2 "Are you BFF's with your romantic partner?" How to strengthen the FRIENDSHIP in your romantic relationship. Welcome back to Pt. 2 of our Love Month series for the month of February. In this episode, we pick up where we left off and continue to discuss how we […]
    Michaela Logue & Jianny Adamo
  • EP 3 - Wired to Love and Be Loved Part 1: "We are hardwired for Chemistry" February 5, 2020
    Welcome to love month, February! As social beings, we are wired to love and to be loved. In this four-part series for the month of February, Michaela and Jianny explore the biology of love. In Part 1, they will ask the question "Why is chemistry important when it comes to love?". How does chemistry happen […]
    Michaela Logue & Jianny Adamo
  • EP2: Love Worthiness. What is your Love Worthiness score? January 17, 2020
    In this episode, Jianny and Michaela cover the topic of Love Worthiness. What is your level of self worth? Do you love yourself? Are you your own best friend? We share a few tips and tricks that will ignite your ability to love yourself more while sharing our experience in self worth.
    Michaela Logue & Jianny Adamo
  • EP1: Launch Episode: Get to Know Us. What is Passion Unlimited Podcast? January 14, 2020
    What is Passion Unlimited Podcast? Who are Michaela Logue and Jianny Adamo? In this episode we will share who we are, what we are committed to and what you will get when you join us on our episode journey.
    Michaela Logue & Jianny Adamo
  • Welcome to Passion Unlimited Podcast. January 13, 2020
    Spend time with us and this is what you will walk away with.
    Michaela Logue & Jianny Adamo

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