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Surviving and Thriving in Love, Life, and Relationships

By Therapist Jianny Adamo

Expert tips and strategies for a thriving purpose-filled life of love, intimacy, and amazing relationships. Create a healthy balanced life while pursuing your dreams with expert advice from psychotherapist, author and founder of Fearless Love, Jianny Adamo. Jianny delivers a down to earth authentic approach to ignite the fire within you.
Passion Unlimited Podcast is personal development, healthy living, family, faith, and confidence coaching for both men and women. Be true to yourself. Love Fearlessly!
 Season 3: Relationship Reboot Series starts 8-5-20!

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  • S3 E1- Communication Tips To Help You Get What You Want From Your Partner! August 5, 2020
    It’s August 2020 and we are kicking-off Season 3! We are living in a new world with Covid-19. We are adjusting to an environment where self-distancing, quarantining, distance learning, and remote work is all part of our new normal. More than ever we have multi-generations of families living together. If you and your spouse or […]
    Jianny Adamo
  • S2 EP12 5 Reasons Why Change Is Good (And How To Embrace It!) July 1, 2020
    Has your job has been eliminated due to COVID-19? Is your relationship ending after a long time? Has your health changed? Change comes in a variety of sizes, shapes and flavors.  Why is it that so many of us have difficulty in dealing with change?  In today’s season finale of Passion Unlimited Podcast, Jianny and […]
    Jianny Adamo
  • S2 EP11 Dating In The Age Of COVID-19 June 24, 2020
    Trying to date in the Age of COVID? In the midst of the anxieties and uncertainties, can love await us?  For single people quarantining at home, lockdown may be the perfect opportunity to finally dedicate time to finding a significant other! Today, we’ll discuss how to prepare ourselves mentally and to stay positive? How do […]
    Jianny Adamo
  • S2 EP10 Love Is A Secure Attachment! June 17, 2020
    Love, to be experienced fully and maturely, speaks of connection and bonding to others. How we react to our need for those connections and how we go about getting those needs met is called our “attachment style”. How many times have you wondered why you can be honest, faithful and in most cases, kind, Yet […]
    Jianny Adamo
  • S2 EP9 5 Coaching Tips to Unleash your True Authentic Self June 10, 2020
    Are you tired of trying to fit in or being someone else you really are not? Some of us fear if people actually knew our true and powerful being they wouldn’t love us any more or would think we are being “arrogant”. We live in a world dominated by social media, are you letting the […]
    Jianny Adamo
  • S2 EP8 Reopening Our Lives Pt.2 of 2: 5 Digital Detox Tips in a Post Quarantine Society June 3, 2020
    While under quarantine, the country is forced to stay at home. During the nationwide imposed “stay at home order “, the majority of us turn to our electronic devices to entertain ourselves, educate ourselves, and stay abreast of the news. Are we in need of a massive digital detox as the country slowly reopens?  Today’s […]
    Jianny Adamo
  • S2 EP7 ReOpening Our Lives Pt. 1 of 2: Three Tips To Plan Your Re-Opening! May 27, 2020
    How have you been feeling during the COVID-19 shutdown? For the past couple of months, we have been hunkered down and living under a new social distancing normal. Most of us have been experiencing a range of emotions ranging from feeling powerless, anxious, and fearful to experiencing sadness, anger, or irritability. Ready to make the […]
    Jianny Adamo
  • S2 EP6 Mental Health Awareness: How To Identify A Predator May 20, 2020
    For National Mental Health Awareness month we are entering into choppy waters. Sex Abuse awareness is a topic which needs to be showcased because many people are experiencing abuse in their romantic relationships and falling prey to online scams. Tune in to learn how to identify predators and the #1 way to that you can […]
    Jianny Adamo
  • S2 EP5 10 Wellness Coaching Techniques to Improve Mental Fitness May 13, 2020
    For National Physical Fitness month and Mental Health Awareness month we are covering the topic of Mental Fitness and how it increases passion in all areas of your life. In today’s episode Coach Michaela will cover 10 Wellness Coaching Techniques to Improve Mental Fitness. Would you consider yourself to be Mentally fit? How does emotional […]
    Jianny Adamo
  • S2 EP4 - Letting Go And Defining A New Normal May 6, 2020
    We are moving into the second month of the #coronavirus social distancing. Many people want to get back to life the way it once was. But how life was wasn’t necessarily normal or healthy.  Sometimes something on the outside has to die so that something on the inside comes alive. Get 3 tips to say […]
    Jianny Adamo

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