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Surviving and Thriving in Love, Life, and Relationships

By Michaela Logue and Jianny Adamo


Expert tips and strategies for a thriving purpose filled life of love, intimacy and amazing relationships. Create a healthy balanced life while pursuing your dreams with real raw advice from cohosts certified life coach Michaela Logue and psychotherapist and author Jianny Adamo. Michaela and Jianny deliver a down to earth authentic approach to ignite the fire within you. Passion Unlimited Podcast is personal development healthy living family faith and confidence coaching for both men and women. Ready to thrive and ignite the light you deserve? This podcast is for you.

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  • S2 EP7 ReOpening Our Lives Pt. 1 of 2: Three Tips To Plan Your Re-Opening! May 27, 2020
    How have you been feeling during the COVID-19 shutdown? For the past couple of months, we have been hunkered down and living under a new social distancing normal. Most of us have been experiencing a range of emotions ranging from feeling powerless, anxious, and fearful to experiencing sadness, anger, or irritability. Ready to make the […]
    Michaela Logue & Jianny Adamo
  • S2 EP6 Mental Health Awareness: How To Identify A Predator May 20, 2020
    For National Mental Health Awareness month we are entering into choppy waters. Sex Abuse awareness is a topic which needs to be showcased because many people are experiencing abuse in their romantic relationships and falling prey to online scams. Tune in to learn how to identify predators and the #1 way to that you can […]
    Michaela Logue & Jianny Adamo
  • S2 EP5 10 Wellness Coaching Techniques to Improve Mental Fitness May 13, 2020
    For National Physical Fitness month and Mental Health Awareness month we are covering the topic of Mental Fitness and how it increases passion in all areas of your life. In today’s episode Coach Michaela will cover 10 Wellness Coaching Techniques to Improve Mental Fitness. Would you consider yourself to be Mentally fit? How does emotional […]
    Michaela Logue & Jianny Adamo
  • S2 EP4 - Letting Go And Defining A New Normal May 6, 2020
    We are moving into the second month of the #coronavirus social distancing. Many people want to get back to life the way it once was. But how life was wasn’t necessarily normal or healthy.  Sometimes something on the outside has to die so that something on the inside comes alive. Get 3 tips to say […]
    Michaela Logue & Jianny Adamo
  • S2 EP3 - 5 Coaching Hacks to build Honesty and Transparency April 29, 2020
    As we continue with National Couples appreciation month, today we cover honesty and transparency. How honest is too honest? In these trying times during #socialdistancing and the #stayathome movement, many couples are either flourishing or at each other's throats. Honesty and transparency is a powerful mindset to bring to your romantic relationships, except when honesty […]
    Michaela Logue & Jianny Adamo
  • S2 EP 2- Appreciation During Isolation April 22, 2020
    April is couples appreciation month. Research shows that dedicating a little time to thinking about how your partner has invested in the relationship increases positive feelings toward them and elevates commitment to the marriage. And this often leads to a positive reinforcing cycle-- when even just one of you feels gratitude, both of you are […]
    Michaela Logue & Jianny Adamo
  • S2 EP 1 - Season 2 Premiere “Rebirth” April 15, 2020
    This is a time for Rebirth. During #covid19 we have all had the good fortune of looking at what we are grateful for in life and hitting the reset button. In todays's episode, we are sharing what lessons we have learned during social distancing and how we will apply those lessons to upcoming podcast episodes. […]
    Michaela Logue & Jianny Adamo
  • EP12 Superhero Passion Food List #coronavirus April 8, 2020
    In today’s episode we will cover the topic of the list of super foods that can recharge Passion in the bedroom (warning: could result in more sex). As we close out our first season, we want to thank all of our listeners and supporters for all their encouragement and support. Jianny and Michaela are super […]
    Michaela Logue & Jianny Adamo
  • EP11 Managing Tension And Breakdown In Your Relationships During Self-Quarantine April 1, 2020
    With the majority of people working from home and families in #self-quarantine, we know the tension and breakdown in communication are high. Today, we want to focus our show on providing you easy and effective tips to improve your relationship-building skills as well as to equip you with conflict resolution skills. Being equipped with the […]
    Michaela Logue & Jianny Adamo
  • EP 10 Chronic Fatigue is a Brain Changer March 25, 2020
    In today’s episode we will cover the topic: Chronic Fatigue is a Brain-Changer How chronic fatigue is physically changing your brain chemistry and how you can reset the body for increased passion, productivity and creativity. What is Chronic Fatigue? The cause of chronic fatigue syndrome is unknown, although there are many theories — ranging from […]
    Michaela Logue & Jianny Adamo

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