What is Telehealth Counseling?

Online counseling, also known as teletherapy or telemental health, is a growing field. A therapist provides psychological counseling and support over the internet through video conferencing for individuals, couples, or group therapy.  Telemental health is convenient and useful to individuals who cannot leave their homes, who work unconventional hours, as well as those overseas or who live in rural or remote areas. With the COVID-19 outbreak, teletherapy is the safest and most effective way to receive traditional psychotherapy from the comfort of your home, car, or office.

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Jianny Adamo

Jianny Adamo-Fearless Love Psychotherapist

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Specializing in relationships and intimacy, working with clients on a variety of modern love challenges including dating, communication tools, conflict resolution, pre/marital counseling, narcissistic abuse, divorce, betrayal, and recovery. With over 13 years of clinical experience including 10 years as a telehealth provider, Jianny supports you to transition through stress, anxiety, depression, grief, loss and/or trauma to create a life you love.

Jianny is a  Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Florida, a Licensed Professional Counselor in New Jersey, and a certified relationship coach through the Relationship Coaching Institute.

For couples, Jianny offers a tailored program for your specific needs to grow in love and understanding. She equips you with effective communication and conflict resolution skills as well as intimacy building skills. Understanding intimacy is essential to the development of a happy partnership.  You can listen to Jianny’s “Talk On Intimacy – For Divorce Connection Network“.

For singles breaking unfulfilling cycles of attraction and healing the past, Jianny coaches you to live more authentically and to attract healthy love.

In grief and divorce recovery or when healing from abusive relationships, Jianny helps you to stabilize and repair, promoting a quicker path to a life worth living. You can view her talk on “Getting Out of a Toxic Relationship.”

Jianny’s joy is to educate and empower you to live more authentically, aligned with your values and purpose, and to live a rewarding life.

Jianny authored  From Love Trauma To Fearless Love: 7 Tango Steps for Breaking Free from Narcissists and Predators, an Amazon #1 New Release (2018). The book is a heroine’s journey to getting her power back. It explores red flags, identifies narcissistic abuse and psychopathic behaviors, and explains how to survive and recover from the trauma.

In 2017, Jianny was honored with the Relationship Coach of the Year Award by Women in Ecommerce of South Florida. She is an active member of the Palm Beach County Mental Health Counselors Association, and a featured writer/expert/contributor on YourTango.com, BrideMSN, GlamourPsychCentral, OnMogul, eHarmony, PopSugar, and more.

Jianny is the co-host on Passion Unlimited Podcast. Go from surviving to thriving in love, life, and relationships!

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Teletherapy & Online Counseling Available.  FREE 15-Minutes Consultation

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